Daniel Murphy Paternity Leave Criticism Highlights What’s Wrong With Today’s Media

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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murphyOnce upon a time, the birth of a man’s first child was considered a moment to halt reality for. After all, many of us never get to experience the joy of child birth. For some, that joy is quickly met with horror when they learn of a potential defect, or, god forbid, a fatal problem with the baby. Fortunately for New York Mets’ infielder Daniel Murphy, his newborn son is healthy as a horse. Unfortunately, he now has to deal with the criticisms of the New York media.

Upon receiving word at 11:30 on Sunday night that his wife was going into labor, Murphy hopped a red-eye flight from New York to Florida to attend the birth. He made it in time to witness the emergence of his 8 pound, 2-ounce son, Noah at just after noon on Monday. Of course, that means Murphy missed the Mets’ 1:00 PM opener against the Washington Nationals that day. Murphy remained with his family through Wednesday, missing one more game in the process (New York had an off-day on Tuesday).

Most people, when learning of the healthy birth of a person’s child, would react with joy and exuberance. Mike Francesa and the New York media aren’t most people, though. The WFAN 660 host had this blasphemous rhetoric to spew during his daily afternoon show: “You’re a major league baseball player. You can hire a nurse. What are you gonna do, sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for two days?”

Boomer Esiason, another talking head on WFAN, felt the need to crack jokes at Murphy’s wife’s expense. Upon learning that she underwent a C-section during delivery, Esiason stated that she should have had a “C-section before the season starts.”

It’s not as though the Mets are in the thick of a playoff race, either. New York is largely projected to finish below .500 this season. It’s also games 1 and 2 of 162. It’s no wonder people don’t want to play in New York, where idiots like Boomer and Francesa can spew their vitriol against something as magical and innocent as the birth of a couple’s first son. If this is what talk radio has become, then it’s no shock that companies are going out of business left-and-right.

Do these people have wives? Have they ever loved anything besides hanging up on drunks during their shows? The mere fact that Daniel Murphy has to deflect criticism for his decision to remain with his wife for one extra game in April is absolutely absurd. It once again highlights that American media in the 21st century is an absolute disaster. Gone are the days where the story was covered the right way and without senseless bias. A week after DeSean Jackson was slandered by NJ.com (without much proof, I might add), Murphy has to deal with criticism from the internet tough guys and the radio John Wayne’s.

For members of the media, it’s no longer about covering the story. It’s about being the story, and that is a truly tragic fact.


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