Adrian Peterson Hasn’t Watched Much Football Recently

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

michael-vick-a381668fc0e1f76f_largeEarlier today, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson urged his front office to sign free agent QB Michael Vick. The former NFL MVP was quoted as saying that Vick, 33, would make the Vikings a “playoff team.” I’m not sure what Michael Vick Adrian Peterson has been watching. Clearly, it’s not the one that led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 12-17 record since 2011. Granted, Peterson works on Sundays. But, one has to wonder whether or not the former Oklahoma Sooner is thinking with his head or with his heart.

Of course, everyone loves the idea of Michael Vick; a 6’0 quarterback with a laser for an arm and speed like a gazelle isn’t found very often. Neither is a quarterback who reads a defense like he’s trying to translate the Magna Carta from Swahili to Taushiro (look it up). Everyone wants Michael Vick until they actually experience the misery of his play. A true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Vick can have you in tears of joy one moment and dreams of disdain the next. His propensity for turnovers clipped the Eagles’ wings numerous times in recent years, most recently during a Thursday night loss to Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Considering that Vick has never learned to read a defense or limit his turnovers (dating back to his days in Atlanta), one has to wonder whether or not the former Virginia Tech star would truly improve the Vikings in the short term.

No, Peterson hasn’t exactly had superstars at the position since he joined the Vikings in 2007. The revolving door of crap that featured Tarvaris Jackson, Brett Favre, Christian Ponder, and Matt Cassel would make Michael Bishop look good, let alone Michael Vick. But, like a seafood dish at the rare Chinese eatery down the road, Vick always seems better in theory than in reality. Would the Vikings be a better team with Vick than Christian Ponder? Maybe. They’d certainly be more exciting to watch. But, for every phenomenal play that Vick makes; he’s just as likely to commit two foul ones. That’s just how Michael Vick works. Now, it’s up to the Vikings’ front office to determine whether or not they’re willing to take the good with the bad in Minnesota.


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