Michael Sam is Stronger Than You and He Knows It

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

We see it every day in America.

That is, people who hide behind their faith in order to spew hate out of their closed-minded, hollow shell of a cranium. By now, you’ve likely heard that Missouri All-American Michael Sam became the first openly gay NFL prospect by “coming out” during a Sunday Conversation on ESPN. The reaction, predictably, has been mixed. Many of us have praised the kid for his poise and guts. It’s not easy to open up to those closest to you about your secrets; let alone announcing it to the world.

Others, however, have taken to social media to spew their hateful venom at homosexuals throughout the world. By hiding behind their “God,” these fools are able to selfishly abuse innocent people without a grain of guilt on their conscience. They believe that they’re better than you, me, and Michael Sam because our tolerance is “weak” and “sacrileges.”

The truth is that Michael Sam is, in fact, the strong one. He’s the one with the guts to put his career, his life, and that of those he cares about on the line. Being gay is a sign of weakness, of femininity, according to the bigots. What’s weak about facing the ignorance head on? What’s weak about a 24-year old, 260 pound man putting his heart and career on the line as he’s about to walk into the gauntlet of an NFL locker room? No, Michael Sam and other homosexuals aren’t the weak ones. They’re the strength that holds this society together. To have the strength to admit that you’re different than what society wants you to be is an admirable trait and one that should be met with praise, not criticism. One day, perhaps, we’ll recognize that it’s not who you love or who you sleep with that makes you who you are. Instead, it’s the will inside of each and every one of us to not only tolerate those who are different. But, to love and respect them for who they are.

One can only hope that the NFL teams and players that Sam will soon find himself amongst show an ounce of the strength that he did this weekend.


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