Broncos or Seahawks: Who Should You Root For?

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized



With Super Bowl week finally here, it’s time to focus on rooting interests. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a horse in the race anymore. Whether or not you’re a Cleveland fan who never had a prayer or a Patriots’ faithful still sulking from the recent AFC Championship loss, you’ll probably still be watching the big game on Sunday. You may be betting, and that will certainly impact your opinion. But, for those who stay away from gambling and have no real allegiance to either team, picking one to go with can be difficult. Especially when they’re two evenly matched teams like the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Let’s take a look at certain criteria and which team you should be rooting for if you fit into each realm:

1. You love offense, offense, and more offense. 

If you’re fanatical about points, then the Denver Broncos are the team for you. Peyton Manning and Co. put up more points this season than any team in the history of football. They can beat you through the air or on the ground. Though, the air attack that made Peyton the all time leader in single season passing touchdowns is still their best C.O.A. Seattle’s offense is no slouch. But, no team on the planet today can compete with what the Broncos can put out on every single Sunday. If you like high scoring affairs and teams with air attack offenses, Denver is the team to root for.

2. Defense wins championships and your allegiances. 

Some of us are old school. We appreciate the good old 14-10 affairs and the intricacies of a zone vs. man defense. If this is you, then you should be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Sure, Denver’s defense is good. But, the Seahawks’ is legendary. Not only do they possess one of the deepest pass rushing defensive lines in a decade. Seattle also has the biggest group of defensive backs in the league. Richard Sherman, for all the drama he presents to the media, is the best corner in football. Couple his talents with that of Walter Thurmond, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas, and you have the best secondary money can buy. If you like low scoring, high octane games with plenty of pass rush, go with Seattle.

3. This is America and we dig the frontrunners.

Many of us appreciate the shock of an underdog pulling out a victory. But, for some, the favorite is the way to go. Many people just find someone unsettling about an upset. If you hate change and relished the days of dynasties like Dallas and San Francisco, then the Denver Broncos are the team for you. No, Denver hasn’t won a championship in 15 years. But, they have reigned over the league since Manning arrived and have seemed to be in contention for the postseason every year since John Elway retired. It didn’t matter if Jake Plummer, Brian Griese, or Tim Tebow was their quarterback. The Denver Broncos almost always are in the playoffs. If you liked Goliath, root for Manning and the Broncos.

4. No way, the underdog is the way to go.

If, like most, you side with the underdog, then the Seattle Seahawks are your team this weekend. Granted, both of these teams were spectacular this season and Denver is only a 2.5 point favorite. But, the Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl and have only gotten this far once in their history (2005). In fact, the entire city of Seattle has just one championship to look back on, and that team isn’t even around any more (SuperSonics in 1979). The fans may be annoying. But, they’re knowledgeable, passionate, and above all else, tortured. Seattle is the underdog, whether Richard Sherman agrees or not.

5. I want to see history happen. 

If your interest in this game revolves around the likelihood of a historic evening, then the Denver Broncos are your team. Sure, Seattle could win their first Super Bowl six days from now. But, Manning has the chance to become the first quarterback in history to win two Super Bowls as the starter for two different teams. Kurt Warner nearly did it first in 2008-09. But, his Cardinals fell short against the Pittsburgh Steelers that year. If Manning wins on Sunday, he will end the discussion between he and Tom Brady and become the best quarterback of our (or perhaps any) generation.

6. I find personal redemption intoxicating and want to see some on Sunday.

If you like a good personal redemption story, then there might be no better tale than that of Pete Carroll. The Seattle Seahawks coach is on the verge of a Super Bowl title despite two decades of controversy. In the 1990s, Carroll was a rather unsuccessful coach of the Jets and Patriots after earning his stripes in New York as their defensive coordinator. Through much of the 2000s, Carroll became a household name as head coach of the USC Trojans. With Southern California, the energetic head coach won two National Titles (2003 and 2004) and lost in another (2005). He also developed a reputation as less than ethical with regards to recruiting and providing benefits to collegiate athletes. In the end, Carroll bolted USC when faced with significant repercussions by the NCAA. When he was hired by Seattle in 2010, many believed it to be a foolish signing. After all, Carroll’s success had come in college, where he was found to be cheating by the organization that governed him. But, on Sunday, Carroll has the chance to get the last laugh. If you like personal redemption, the Seahawks are the team for you.


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