The Patriot Way: Why Boston Will Celebrate Again

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


Death, taxes, and Tom Brady in the AFC Championship. These are the only guarantees in life. On Saturday, the New England Patriots and their three-time Super Bowl champion gunslinger triumphed over an overwhelmed Indianapolis Colts squad to advance to the conference title game for the 8th time in 13 seasons. Only Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos stand in their way of yet another AFC championship; and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This team, of course, has overcome obstacles both great and small. The former being the dramatic Aaron Hernandez arrest last summer, which took one of the best playmakers in football out of the Patriots’ lineup and replaced him with an ominous dark cloud of media speculation and fan ire.

Flash forward half-a-year, and the Patriots are two victories away from achieving their former glory. Gone are the shadows of past legends like Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, and Richard Seymour. Also missing are the stars of today, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Spikes, Jerod Mayo, and Vince Wilfork. In their place rests a collection of emerging role players like Edelman, Jamie Collins, Dont’a Hightower, and Chris Jones. Along with Brady, this collection of cast offs and never weres are suddenly the talk-of-the-town. These gladiators of the gridiron, most of whom considered backups at best to begin the season, are the key cogs in an unstoppable force ripping through the rest of the NFL. The reason is simple. It’s all part of The Patriot Way.

Bill Belichick, as wretched as his press conferences may be, is a brilliant man and football coach. His ability to inspire the most out of players will always be his greatest asset. After all, this is a guy who got Randy Moss to shut up (for a little while, at least), Rex Ryan to give up, and Donovan McNabb to throw up (in the Super Bowl). But, it’s Belichick’s uncanny knack for finding diamonds in the rough that allows New England to compete year-after-year.

Belichick has been able to milk success out of the legs of Antowain Smith, Kevin Faulk, Laurence Maroney, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. He’s sipped champagne from a gold goblet earned only after figuring out how to turn a receiving corps of David Patten, Troy Brown, and David Givens into champions. The old ball coach has built defenses with more spit than polish, more grit than glitter; and yet, whenever one player goes down or leaves for a richer contract; the next is always ready to step up. That’s what makes a truly dynastic organization. It’s not the quarterback, as the Denver Broncos seem to believe. It’s not the defense, as the Pittsburgh Steelers would suggest.

No, it’s the foundation. The group of thirsty souls who find nourishment only in dominating the opponent through cunning, guile, and preparation. That is a championship philosophy. That is the way to a fourth championship. That is The Patriot Way.


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