NFL Week 16 Predictions

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs


Last Week: 8-7-1
2013 Season: 98-112-11

Miami Dolphins (8-6) AT Buffalo Bills (5-9)

The Spread: Miami by 3
The Pick: Miami
The Score: Miami, 27-13
The Rationale: Typically, I’d suggest this has the make of a trap game. Miami is coming off of a huge victory at home against New England and now has to travel to chilly Buffalo for a divisional game against a team that they have struggled with in the past. But, with the news coming out today that Bills’ QB EJ Manuel will miss the game and Thaddeus Lewis will start in his place; I can’t bring myself to have any faith in Buffalo regardless of where the game is being played.

Minnesota Vikings (4-9-1) AT Cincinnati Bengals (9-5)

The Spread: Cincinnati by 7
The Pick: Cincinnati
The Score: Cincinnati, 30-20
The Rationale: The Vikings have been impressive over the past month. But, the Bengals need this game a lot more. They’re also 6-0 at home and coming off a dismal effort in Pittsburgh on Sunday night. Expect the Bengals’ offense to have a big day through the air, something Philadelphia tried to do last week at the Metrodome.

Indianapolis Colts (9-5) AT Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)

The Spread: Kansas City by 7
The Pick: Kansas City
The Score: Kansas City, 35-24
The Rationale: In what is a preview of the likely Wild Card round matchup between the Colts and Chiefs, Kansas City will continue to churn out offense as they make their presence known heading into the new year. It’s no secret that the Colts have been rocked by injuries, especially on defense. Jamaal Charles will make life a living hell for Chuck Pagano and Co.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10) AT St. Louis Rams (6-8)

The Spread: St. Louis by 5
The Pick: St. Louis
The Score: St. Louis, 23-16
The Rationale: Give Rams coach Jeff Fisher credit. His team could have collapsed when Sam Bradford went down with injury. Instead, they’re coming off an impressive victory vs. New Orleans and still have hopes of reaching the .500 mark. Tampa Bay has also been playing better after a brutal first two months. But, I don’t think Mike Glennon will be doing much celebrating from his back at the hands of the St. Louis pass rush.

Cleveland Browns (4-10) AT New York Jets (6-8)

The Spread: New York by 3
The Pick: New York
The Score: New York, 25-19
The Rationale: Cleveland’s defense is struggling to close out games of late. It doesn’t help that their offense is turning the ball over twice as much in the second half of games as they are in the first half. The Jets’ offense isn’t any better. But, New York’s defense is still strong enough to shut down a Jason Campbell led Browns team that has all but packed it in for the Holidays.

Dallas Cowboys (7-7) AT Washington Redskins (3-11)

The Spread: Dallas by 3
The Pick: Washington
The Score: Washington, 27-24
The Rationale: The Cowboys’ defense is cratering at the worst possible time. Now, after two brutal performances that led to losses at the hands of Chicago and Green Bay, the Cowboys face a virtual must win against their biggest rivals. Granted, Washington hasn’t won since November 3rd. But, the Redskins’ offense looked a lot more proficient against Atlanta under the direction of Kirk Cousins. This is Washington’s Super Bowl; a chance to knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs. With London Fletcher announcing his retirement at season’s end, I’d expect the Washington defense to play with passion. The Cowboys are done.

New Orleans Saints (10-4) AT Carolina Panthers (10-4)

The Spread: Carolina by 3
The Pick: Carolina
The Score: Carolina, 28-24
The Rationale: In what is basically a playoff for the NFC South championship, the Panthers have the edge at home. Carolina is 6-1 at Bank of America Stadium while New Orleans is a mediocre 3-4 away from the Superdome. That’s bad news for a Saints team that could see themselves playing in chilly Philadelphia, Green Bay, or Chicago in two weeks for the Wild Card game.

Tennessee Titans (5-9) AT Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10)

The Spread: Tennessee by 6
The Pick: Jacksonville
The Score: Tennessee, 23-20
The Rationale: The Titans under Ryan Fitzpatrick have been as inconsistent as they were under Jake Locker. There’s little telling which Titans you’ll see from half-to-half, let alone game-to-game. Against Jacksonville, Mike Munchak is probably coaching for his job. Although, even with a victory in their final two games, it’s questionable at best whether or not M.M. will return for 2014.

Denver Broncos (11-3) AT Houston Texans (2-12)

The Spread: Denver by 11
The Pick: Denver
The Score: Denver, 40-17
The Rationale: In one of the most lopsided match ups of the season, the Texans, having lost 12 consecutive affairs, take on the Broncos. Denver will have 10 days to prepare for Matt Schaub and Wade Phillips. That doesn’t bode well for a Houston team that checked out three months ago. Denver in an easy pick.

New York Giants (5-9) AT Detroit Lions (7-7)

The Spread: Detroit by 10
The Pick: Detroit
The Score: Detroit, 27-16
The Rationale: Hand it to Detroit to finally get a victory once their playoff hopes have been systematically destroyed. The Giants are finished, having been shut out at home last week by the Seahawks. The Lions tend to shoot themselves in the foot. But, not even Jim Schwartz could blow this one…right?

Arizona Cardinals (9-5) AT Seattle Seahawks (12-2)

The Spread: Seattle by 11
The Pick: Arizona
The Score: Arizona, 20-17
The Rationale: In one of the biggest upsets of the season, the Arizona Cardinals will keep their playoff hopes alive by becoming the first team to beat the Seahawks at home in nearly two years (December 24th, 2011). The Cards have quietly kept winning, and know that a loss this week will all but destroy their hopes of reaching the postseason. It won’t be easy. But, Arizona can do it in a game that means very little for Seattle.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-8) AT Green Bay Packers (7-6-1)

The Spread: Green Bay by 7
The Pick: Pittsburgh
The Score: Pittsburgh, 25-23
The Rationale: Something about Green Bay makes Matt Flynn perform way over his head. The QB has been brutal in stints with Seattle, Buffalo, and Oakland. Yet, here he is, winning games in December for the Packers yet again. It won’t be so easy at home this week, where the Pittsburgh Steelers enter coming off a big home win against Cincinnati last Sunday. The Steelers’ defense played beautifully in that game. If it continues, Flynn won’t be celebrating much.

Oakland Raiders (4-10) AT San Diego Chargers (7-7)

The Spread: San Diego by 10
The Pick: San Diego
The Score: San Diego, 27-10
The Rationale: Oakland has fallen apart. Just a month ago, the Raiders were considered dark horse contenders for the sixth seed in the AFC. Now, they’re all but locked into a top-five pick in May’s draft. Philip Rivers will continue his spectacular fantasy season in a year that, barring a miracle, will see San Diego miss the playoffs again. The Chargers have beaten such teams as Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, and Kansas City. Yet, they’ve lost to Houston, Washington, and Oakland. Go figure.

New England Patriots (10-4) AT Baltimore Ravens (8-6)

The Spread: Baltimore by 1
The Pick: Baltimore
The Score: Baltimore, 22-20
The Rationale: Talk about two teams going in wildly different directions. The Ravens have won four in a row while New England has lost half their defense and their best offensive weapon. The Patriots haven’t won a game by more than 3 points since November 3rd. Regardless of who wins, this game will be a nail biter.

Chicago Bears (8-6) AT Philadelphia Eagles (8-6)

The Spread: Philadelphia by 3
The Pick: Philadelphia
The Score: Philadelphia, 36-33
The Rationale: In what should be the best game of the week, Philadelphia’s offense, most notably its spectacular running game, will be too much for a lackluster Chicago D’. The Bears were lit up by Jason Campbell and the Browns for much of the game last week. A few key turnovers were the difference between a big win and a catastrophic loss for Jay Cutler and Co. The Eagles, meanwhile, were ruptured by the Vikings’ vertical game. That’s a cause for concern against a very talented Chicago receiving corps. But, Philadelphia has the running game that most teams envy and Chicago has the run defense that all teams abuse. The Eagles could (and probably will) be celebrating an NFC East championship on Sunday night.

Atlanta Falcons (4-10) AT San Francisco 49ers (10-4)

The Spread: San Francisco by 13
The Pick: Atlanta
The Score: San Francisco, 34-23
The Rationale: What a way to end another lackluster Monday Night Football schedule. The 49ers will punch their ticket to the playoffs with a win (or a Cardinals loss in Seattle the day before). Meanwhile, a disappointing Falcons team will continue to play out this dismal season without much regard for success. The 49ers have to feel good about where they are as January rolls around.


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