Week Thirteen NFL Predictions

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Last Week: 3-9-2
2013 Season: 64-87-9
Overall (since 2012): 180-191-16

New Orleans Saints (8-2) AT Atlanta Falcons (2-8)

The Spread: New Orleans by 10
The Pick: New Orleans
The Score: New Orleans, 27-14
The Rationale: The Falcons have given up and Mike Smith’s seat is hotter than a bikini car wash.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) AT Cleveland Browns (4-6)

The Spread: Cleveland by 1
The Pick: Pittsburgh
The Score: Pittsburgh, 21-14
The Rationale: The Steelers are underdogs against the Browns for the first time since 2003. This is also a relative playoff game, as the team that wins will be right in the middle of the battle for the sixth seed in the AFC. Ben Roethlisberger, who will likely corner a few Cleveland girls in a bathroom stall before the game, needs this one to go his way.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) AT Detroit Lions (6-4)

The Spread: Detroit by 10
The Pick: Tampa Bay
The Score: Detroit, 24-20
The Rationale: Detroit has been playing very inconsistently. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay has won two in a row. This is the most excited Central Florida has been since George Zimmerman was set free.

Minnesota Vikings (2-8) AT Green Bay Packers (5-5)

The Spread: Green Bay by 5
The Pick: Minnesota
The Score: Minnesota, 23-19
The Rationale: If there was ever a time for the Vikings to beat the Packers in Lambeau, this is it. Scott Tolzien is starting once again for Green Bay. He hasn’t been awful. But, he’s a turnover machine, which isn’t a good recipe when you’re playing a bad team at home.

San Diego Chargers (4-6) AT Kansas City Chiefs (9-1)

The Spread: Kansas City by 5
The Pick: San Diego
The Score: San Diego, 20-10
The Rationale: The Chiefs were exposed on Sunday night. They finally played a good team and had to come from behind. Shockingly, Alex Smith was proven to be a pumpkin. San Diego is inconsistent at many levels. But, the Chiefs will continue to struggle against teams that can score points.

Chicago Bears (6-4) AT St. Louis Rams (4-6)

The Spread: St. Louis by 1
The Pick: Chicago
The Score: Chicago, 30-20
The Rationale: This spread scares me. But, it’s only Wednesday and the Rams are coming off a bye. Chicago won a hard fought game over Baltimore last week, which suggests that this could be a classic letdown affair. Still, the Bears are the better team by far and it’s not like my record could be any worse.

Carolina Panthers (7-3) AT Miami Dolphins (5-5)

The Spread: Carolina by 5
The Pick: Miami
The Score: Miami, 20-17
The Rationale: Carolina is coming off a very exciting victory over New England. Their emotions on a short week could get the best of them as they take on another AFC East foe.

New York Jets (5-5) AT Baltimore Ravens (4-6)

The Spread: Baltimore by 4
The Pick: New York
The Score: New York, 23-21
The Rationale: The Jets have been consistently inconsistent, winning and losing back-to-back all season long. Let’s keep the trend going, as Nick Folk nails a game winning field goal to sink the defending champions.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) AT Houston Texans (2-8)

The Spread: Houston by 10
The Pick: Jacksonville
The Score: Houston, 30-28
The Rationale: What a game! A matchup of the two worst teams in football sees the Texans sending Case Keenum back out there against a pathetic Jaguars group. It’s a matchup between the movable force and the destructible object.

Tennessee Titans (4-6) AT Oakland Raiders (4-6)

The Spread: Oakland by 1
The Pick: Tennessee
The Score: Tennessee, 24-20
The Rationale: Oakland showed some life by beating Houston last week. But, the Texans are a joke and Tennessee if likely playing for their coaching staff’s jobs. Matt McGloin was impressive in his debut. But, expect some growing pains.

Indianapolis Colts (7-3) AT Arizona Cardinals (6-4)

The Spread: Arizona by 1
The Pick: Arizona
The Score: Arizona, 20-17
The Rationale: Arizona is 4-1 at home and boasts one of the best scoring defenses in football. Meanwhile, Indianapolis is 4-1 on the road. But, their inconsistency against the NFC West has been clear as day (defeated San Francisco and Seattle, lost to St. Louis by 30).

Dallas Cowboys (5-5) AT New York Giants (4-6)

The Spread: New York by 3
The Pick: Dallas
The Score: Dallas, 24-21
The Rationale: The Giants have won four consecutive games against the likes of Josh Freeman, Matt Barkley, Terrelle Pryor, and Scott Tolzien. Congratulations on beating that quintet of collegiate superstars turned NFL turds and good luck against Tony Romo and the well rested Cowboys.

Denver Broncos (9-1) AT New England Patriots (7-3)

The Spread: Denver by 3
The Pick: Denver
The Score: Denver, 30-27
The Rationale: The Patriots lost a tough one on Monday and my initial gut feeling was to take them to win against Denver. But, then I looked at the match ups. Yes, the Broncos should have trouble covering Rob Gronkowski. But, who doesn’t? The problem for New England comes from their banged up secondary. Aqib Talib, when he’s not going absolutely insane on the field, has clearly been limited by a hip injury. Alphonso Dennard and Steve Gregory also missed this Monday’s affair, and would be sorely missed against Peyton Manning.

San Francisco 49ers (6-4) AT Washington Redskins (3-7)

The Spread: San Francisco by 5
The Pick: San Francisco
The Score: San Francisco, 39-13
The Rationale: Washington stinks. Their defense might be one of the worst in football. That’s good news for a struggling San Francisco offense, who could bust out of a slump on Monday.


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