Week Nine NFL Predictions

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized



Last Week: 5-8
2013 Season: 48-65-6

Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) AT Miami Dolphins (3-4)

The Spread: Cincinnati by 3
The Pick: Cincinnati
The Score: Cincinnati, 28-14
The Rationale: Thursday Night Football has been a disaster this year. Tomorrow’s affair has a chance to be just as brutal as the red hot Bengals invade South Beach to take on the hapless Dolphins. Miami has lost 4 in a row after a 3-0 start and will have to face a Bengals team that made mincemeat out of the Jets on Sunday. The short week could help the Dolphins. Although, they’re coming off a road loss to New England. So, I doubt it makes much of a difference.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-0) AT Buffalo Bills (3-5)

The Spread: Kansas City by 3
The Pick: Kansas City
The Score: Kansas City, 19-13
The Rationale: I know that Kansas City’s schedule is a joke and that they have been playing close games against inferior teams. But, the Bills are still rolling with Thad Weber. Against the best defense in football, I just don’t have faith that Buffalo can put up enough points even if they hold K.C. to less than 20.

Minnesota Vikings (1-6) AT Dallas Cowboys (4-4)

The Spread: Dallas by 12
The Pick: Dallas
The Score: Dallas, 35-21
The Rationale: The Cowboys under Jason Garrett are the picture of inconsistency. They’re 4-4 overall (3-1 at home,  1-3 on the road) and have played close games in all of their losses. This week, they get a nice rebound game against one of the worst teams in football. The Vikings are a disaster.

Tennessee Titans (3-4) AT St. Louis Rams (3-5) 

The Spread: Tennessee by 3
The Pick: Tennessee
The Score: Tennessee, 20-10
The Rationale: The Rams could see themselves occupying a top-10 pick next spring now that Sam Bradford is out for the season. Their backup, Kellen Clemens, played admirably against Seattle on Monday (even if the Rams didn’t score a touchdown). They’ll have trouble against a good Titans defense.

New Orleans Saints (6-1) AT New York Jets (4-4)

The Spread: New Orleans by 7
The Pick: New Orleans
The Score: New Orleans, 28-17
The Rationale: It’s Rex vs. Rob in the Ryan Bowl! In the end, I think that it’s more of a competition between Drew Brees and Geno Smith. I’ll let you figure out which one of them I think will come out on top.

San Diego Chargers (4-3) AT Washington Redskins (2-5)

The Spread: San Diego by 1
The Pick: San Diego
The Score: San Diego, 34-28
The Rationale: The Chargers have actually been strong against the NFC East this season, including a road victory over Philadelphia in week two. The Redskins have injury issues at QB and their defense has been nonexistent this season. Coming off a bye-week, I expect Philip Rivers to have a huge game.

Atlanta Falcons (2-5) AT Carolina Panthers (4-3)

The Spread: Carolina by 9
The Pick: Atlanta
The Score: Carolina, 20-17
The Rationale: Who would have thought that the Falcons would be toast this early in the season. It’s a sad shame that Tony Gonzalez will never get the opportunity to win a ring. A great warrior and competitor, Gonzalez was the subject of trade talks this week. But, the deadline came and went with the former Minnesota Golden Gopher still in an Atlanta uniform. This should be a  close game between two divisional opponents. But, I’m on the Cam and Luke bandwagon!

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) AT Oakland Raiders (3-4)

The Spread: Oakland by 1
The Pick: Oakland
The Score: Oakland, 20-17
The Rationale: I’d love to pick the Eagles here. I had this game penciled in as a win from the time the schedule came out. But, the performance of the offense the last two weeks coupled with Oakland’s superior defense prevents me from doing so. I honestly think that Nick Foles will get it together and give the Eagles a fighting chance. But, I cannot pick them after the last two weeks of letdowns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) AT Seattle Seahawks (7-1)

The Spread: Seattle by 17
The Pick: Tampa Bay
The Score: Seattle, 26-10
The Rationale: What a great game! Seattle would probably be my pick to cover if they were healthy. Injuries on offense have limited their proficiency the last few games. That’s the only reason that Tampa keeps it within 20 in Seattle.

Baltimore Ravens (3-4) AT Cleveland Browns (3-5)

The Spread: Baltimore by 3
The Pick: Baltimore
The Score: Baltimore, 27-16
The Rationale: Cleveland will roll with Jason Campbell again. He performed decently against Kansas City. Meanwhile, the defending champions need to turn their season around following the bye-week. It’s a great rivalry as the old Browns take on the new Browns. I’m old fashioned. So, I’ll take the Ravens.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) AT New England Patriots (6-2)

The Spread: New England by 8
The Pick: New England
The Score: New England, 27-13
The Rationale: How lucky are we to be treated to a matchup between a rapist and a cheat? It should be extra fun to watch the Steelers’ QB run around avoiding the rush like he’s trying to cover up a rape in a restaurant bathroom. New England’s pass rush is top notch. Lock it down.

Indianapolis Colts (5-2) AT Houston Texans (2-5)

The Spread: Indianapolis by 3
The Pick: Indianapolis
The Score: Indianapolis, 29-24
The Rationale: Case Keenum is under center again for Houston, who look to keep their thin playoff hopes alive. Both teams are coming off of a bye. Expect Andrew Luck to continue his ascent to the top of the NFL.


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