What Exactly Was That on Jon Lester’s Glove?

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

There have been many notorious cheaters in baseball history. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was perhaps the most well known. The man at the center of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal was accused (potentially wrongfully) of conspiring to fix the 1919 World Series. Since then, the sport has had its fair share of unethical actions. Steroids, amphetamines, drugs, and gambling have been the focus of the media and players alike. But, after watching last night’s game one of the World Series; it was quite clear that something deceitful was going on.

Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester pitched his heart out. The 29-year old slammed the door on St. Louis with 7.2 shutout innings pitched. Lester, long a postseason hero in Boston, earned the victory to improve to 5-4, 2.22 in 12 career postseason appearances. But, the concern this afternoon is whether or not Lester’s heroic performance was, in fact, fraudulent.

The baseball rulebook clearly states that no foreign substance is allowed on the pitcher’s person when the hurler is on the mound. This rule is punishable by ejection and, perhaps, suspension. From the video above, as well as the picture below, it is clear beyond reasonable doubt that Lester had a foreign substance on his glove. The umpires, if they were doing their job correctly (which is a rarity these days), should have addressed the issues and ejected Lester from the game.  Instead, they were oblivious to the issue.

Not surprisingly, Boston is ready to defend their pitcher. After all, this is the same town that cheated their way to three Super Bowl titles in the early-2000s. It’s also the same town that chastised the New York Jets and accused the NFL of cheating last Sunday. So, the hypocrisy is alive and well in New England this fall.

The Red Sox probably would have won last night regardless of whether or not Lester was ejected. The Cardinals shot themselves in the foot over and over both in the batter’s box and in the field. But, one thing is absolutely certain. Jon Lester, a fabulous pitcher when he is not perpetrating a fraud, had an illegal substance on his glove. It is inarguable, and anyone who does is no better than the Republicans in Congress who continue to claim the ACA is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery.

I won’t say that Lester’s crime rivals Shoeless Joe’s or even the steroid abuse of the 1990s. But, in the realm of sports, cheating on the field is a dramatic situation. Yes, Lester probably would have pitched well regardless of whether or not he used a foreign substance. But, Barry Bonds likely would have hit 600+ home runs regardless of whether or not he used steroids. But, we still all find a way to chastise him and limit his achievements for it.

The Red Sox will probably win the World Series in 2013. I just wish that they would do it without illegal assistance. With blood, sweat, beards, and now foreign substances; there may be no stopping the ethically shaky roster that Ben Cherrington put together.



Maybe after the World Series, Jon can tell us exactly what that green stuff is.


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