A Tough Weekend for Sports

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageIt cannot get much worse for Philadelphia sports right now, unless you are a fan of La Salle. On Sunday, the Explorers soared into the Sweet Sixteen behind the now-viral legend of the Southwest Philly Floater. They’ll meet the “Wheat” Shockers of Wichita State, who may possess the greatest nickname in the history of American sports.

Other than the Explorers’ sudden run to legitimacy, not much has gone right recently for Philadelphia teams. Temple blew a halftime lead in their “Round of 32” defeat at the hands of #1 Indiana. Villanova, meanwhile, bowed out in the “Round of 64” despite a spirited comeback against North Carolina. The Flyers are an albatross, blowing games against rivals despite the porous play of their goaltender, Ilya Bryzgalov. Something is going to have to change for fans to start believing in this town’s hockey team again. Finally, we have the 76ers, who snapped a 15-game road losing streak with a Lavoy Allen fueled victory over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night. Most fans would prefer the Sixers and their lackluster roster tanked the remainder of the season for a better pick. What is the point of winning now that they are eliminated from postseason contention?

Yes, it is tough to be a Philadelphia fan right now. You could almost make this guy the poster-boy for Philadelphia fanhood, even if he is a UNC fan (and a Ginger):


Well, at least the Phillies are starting soon. Of course, the murmurs of Roy Halladay’s creaky shoulder are already beginning to dampen the hopes of those who bleed red-and-white. But, I have a feeling that we will all be dancing like Miami coach Jim Larranega soon enough.



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