Turner, Wilkins Help Sixers Slide

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If your hope, like mine, is to see the 76ers lose every single one of their remaining games in order to boost their draft standing; well, then last night was like a little bit of heaven.

Not only did the Sixers blow a lead in the final minute over a superior team, they did it in a fashion that only a miserably pathetic team with no basketball sense could do.

Up two points with less than 10 seconds left, Evan Turner missed two foul shots, allowing Denver to remain within a basket. The ensuing possession, Damien Wilkins (who had an otherwise stellar evening), foolishly fouled Denver’s Corey Brewer from beyond-the-arc, allowing the former Florida Gator to sink three free throws and win the game.

Seriously, let’s just move this team to Seattle. Would you miss them? Would you? Really? Come on?

The 76ers need to clean house this offseason. If they even flirt with bringing Andrew Bynum back, they will lose half the fanbase. Bynum, Turner, and the rest of the frauds not named Thaddeus or Jrue should all be sent packing this summer.


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