Typical Hypocritical Bruins

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok, we get it, Claude. The Canadiens are such scum. There is absolutely NO PLACE in the NHL for diving or bullying. Unless, of course, you have a B on your chest. Then it is okay. Let us ignore the fact that Chara’s on-ice outburst was triggered by a pathetic dive by Tyler Seguin. Or that the offending player is the same guy that nearly killed Max Pacioretty two years ago. 

I don’t see how anyone can refute that Seguin dove there. Unless he has the weakest balance of any player this side of Scott Hartnell “Down.” I mean, the Bruins have the most criminally guilty diver in the entire league on their team.

Although, in Brad Marchand’s defense; his nose is so big that his balance of gravity is always thrown forward. Diving just seems to be a necessary byproduct of looking like Pinocchio after a post-bachelor party phone call to his wife. Oh well. 


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