D-III Pitcher Goes Crazy, Tackles Runner

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Now, I don’t know the history behind these two players. Maybe the runner on third hit a couple of homers off the pitcher in the past. Maybe, he hit a homer or two with the pitcher’s girlfriend. Regardless, love this kind of cheap shot that is just so far over the line and ridiculous that you know even the opposing team won’t screw around with this guy anymore.

When you know that the pitcher is willing to hit-stick you right in front of the home plate ump, it is a pretty good bet that he has no problem throwing a fastball at your head. “Whoops, it slipped…”

PS – The Phillies could have used a few setup men who were willing to tackle opposing baserunners. Basically, the only way they could have stopped opponents in the eighth inning last year.


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