Steph Curry in Beast Mode

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Remember when this kid was thrashing Georgetown and Wisconsin back in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Steph Curry deserves a medal for this performance. The guy scored over half of his team’s points and they still lost to a largely mediocre Knicks team.

Watching a game like this just further reminds me that Memphis took Hasheem Thabeet (#2) and Minnesota took Johnny Flynn (#6) over Curry (#7). Humorously, the Knicks took Jordan “Over The” Hill with the pick right after Curry went to Golden State.

This is all further evidence that the Sixers should begin losing on purpose to secure a higher pick. There is a big difference between picking #10 and picking #5 in the NBA. Get it done, Doug! Just lose, baby!


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