Michael Vick Renegotiates Contract, Will Return to Philadelphia in 2013

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Michael+Vick+Baltimore+Ravens+v+Philadelphia+KUXvkWDK7nklESPN Insider Adam Schefter is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed on a renegotiated contract with veteran QB Michael Vick. The deal is for “three years,” although the team can void the contract in March, 2014. Many had predicted that the team would sever ties with the enigmatic QB after he turned the ball over 15 times in 10 games last season. It turns out that Chip Kelly viewed the available options in free agency and the draft to be less than desirable.

Yes, Vick struggled last season. But, he is certainly a better option than Nick Foles in Kelly’s high-tempo, read-option offense. Questions remain about the former Virginia Tech and Leavenworth Federal Penal League QB’s durability and decision making. However, speed and versatility is a critical component of Kelly’s offense, and no one available this offseason can perform those functions better than Vick.

Will he revert back to his 2010 statistics? Doubtful. If Vick merely limits the turnovers, it would be an improvement. Many Philadelphia fans appear ready to jump off a ship now that Vick is poised to return. People need to remember that Vick was a victim of poor playcalling under Andy Reid, and perhaps a more run-oriented scheme like the ones he had back in the early aughts with Atlanta would serve the QB better.

What does this mean for Foles? It is possible that the former Arizona Wildcat and third round pick could remain with the team as the backup. That seems doubtful, though. Kelly wants mobility and Foles is about as mobile as Honey Boo-Boo after a bong hit. I would not be surprised to see the second-year QB dealt to his old coach and Kansas City perhaps for a third round pick.

Once again, Michael Vick is back in Philadelphia. How does that make you feel as a fan? If you’re irate, get over it. No use crying over spilled dog’s blood. It is just sports. Life will go on…unless you are a pitbull.

Update: Chip Kelly announced moments ago that Vick and Foles will compete for the starting job. I will believe it when I see it. Coaches always say one thing then do another. Some more than others (cough, Andy Reid, cough).


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