Week Nine Picks

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized


Last Week: 7-7
2012 Season: 57-58-2

Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) AT San Diego Chargers (3-4)

The Spread: San Diego by 7.5
The Pick: Kansas City
The Score: San Diego, 17-12
The Rationale: I think the Brady Quinn experiment in Kansas City is destined to fail. However, the Norv Turner “experience” in San Diego is also coming to an end. The Chargers scored just 6 points last week in Cleveland. I don’t think they’ll get over 20 against Romeo Crennel’s Chiefs.

Denver Broncos (4-3) AT Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)

The Spread: Denver by 3.5
The Pick: Denver
The Score: Denver, 24-20
The Rationale: The Broncos proved to me last week that they can beat high powered passing games. The Bengals’ AJ Green might be the best receiver in the NFL. Expect Champ Bailey to be on him like white-on-rice all game.

Arizona Cardinals (4-4) AT Green Bay Packers (5-3)

The Spread: Green Bay by 11
The Pick: Green Bay
The Score: Green Bay, 28-10
The Rationale: Last week, I picked Green Bay to cover an astronomical 14 points. That didn’t work out for me. But, the second time is a charm for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Arizona’s offense is sputtering with little running game. A trip to Lambeau, where Arizona is 0-7 in their history, seems like a daunting task.

Baltimore Ravens (5-2) AT Cleveland Browns (2-6)

The Spread: Baltimore by 3.5
The Pick: Baltimore
The Score: Baltimore, 20-10
The Rationale: I know Cleveland is playing well and Baltimore’s defense is banged up. But, the Ravens are coming off a bye week and they still hold the mental advantage over their clones in Cleveland. 

Chicago Bears (6-1) AT Tennessee Titans (3-5)

The Spread: Chicago by 3.5
The Pick: Chicago
The Score: Chicago, 28-17
The Rationale: I just don’t think that Tennessee has the offense to overcome their mediocre defense this season. Jake Locker or Matt Hasselbeck? It doesn’t matter. 

Miami Dolphins (4-3) AT Indianapolis Colts (4-3)

The Spread: Miami by 2.5
The Pick: Miami
The Score: Miami, 24-21
The Rationale: I’m starting to like the 2012 Dolphins. Their defense is stout and young. Meanwhile, their offense has two capable young QB’s leading the way with the help of the man who shaped Aaron Rodgers’ career, Joe Philbin.

Carolina Panthers (1-6) AT Washington Redskins (3-5)

The Spread: Washington by 3
The Pick: Carolina
The Score: Carolina, 31-24
The Rationale: Both teams are looking for defensive help. Injuries have overwhelmed their preventative units. Meanwhile, the young QB’s will try to light up the sky as Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III meet for the first time. I like Carolina in a shootout.

Detroit Lions (3-4) AT Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)

The Spread: Detroit by 3.5
The Pick: Detroit
The Score: Detroit, 21-14
The Rationale: The Lions are one of the wildly disappointing teams in the NFL this season. But, the Jaguars are just brutal. Calvin Johnson, who has suffered the wrath of the Madden curse this season, must finally break out. If he does, this should be a blowout.

Buffalo Bills (3-4) AT Houston Texans (6-1)

The Spread: Houston by 10.5
The Pick: Houston
The Score: Houston, 34-17
The Rationale: Buffalo has a decent offense that can put up points. But, their defense has been one of the worst in football, and that won’t be helped by going to Houston. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) AT Oakland Raiders (3-4)

The Spread: Oakland by 1.5
The Pick: Tampa Bay
The Score: Tampa Bay, 23-17
The Rationale: I don’t like picking road teams that are traveling cross-country. But, Oakland is one of those teams that can beat the brutal teams and struggles mightily against the decent ones. Expect Doug Martin to get a lot of action as Tampa looks to reach .500.

Minnesota Vikings (5-3) AT Seattle Seahawks (4-4)

The Spread: Seattle by 5
The Pick: Seattle
The Score: Seattle, 26-16
The Rationale: This is actually not that difficult a pick for me. The Seahawks are stout at home and Minnesota is a shell of itself outside the dome. 

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) AT New York Giants (6-2)

The Spread: New York by 3
The Pick: New York
The Score: New York, 21-13
The Rationale: The Giants are well on their way to another NFC East title. Eli Manning, despite his deficiencies with regards to IQ and physical appearance, is as elite as they come under center. 

Dallas Cowboys (3-4) AT Atlanta Falcons (7-0)

The Spread: Atlanta by 4
The Pick: Dallas
The Score: Atlanta, 28-25
The Rationale: Dallas will put up as much of a fight as they can. But, Atlanta will win this game to improve to 8-0.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) AT New Orleans Saints (2-5)

The Spread: New Orleans by 3
The Pick: New Orleans
The Score: New Orleans, 38-35
The Rationale: The Eagles have one of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL. They’ll probably improve on that this Monday going against an abysmal scoring defense in New Orleans. But, Drew Brees will likely make mincemeat out of the secondary as the Eagles inch closer to Andy Reid’s dismissal. 


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