Week Eight Picks

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized


Last Week: 6-6-1
2012 Season: 50-51-2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) AT Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

The Spread: Minnesota by 6.5
The Pick: Minnesota
The Score: Minnesota, 27-17
The Rationale: The home teams have dominated Thursday night football for the most part this season. Couple that with Tampa Bay’s 31st rank pass defense, and I have a feeling that Minnesota is not going to have too much trouble moving the football.

Atlanta Falcons (6-0) AT Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

The Spread: Philadelphia by 2.5
The Pick: Atlanta
The Score: Atlanta, 24-21
The Rationale: Until Andy Reid and Mike Vick prove to me that they can stop giving games away, I won’t pick the Eagles.

Carolina Panthers (1-5) AT Chicago Bears (5-1)

The Spread: Chicago by 7.5
The Pick: Chicago
The Score: Chicago, 35-21
The Rationale: Chicago kind of screwed me last week by blowing the spread by allowing a late touchdown vs. Detroit. The Panthers shouldn’t be as much competition, as Cam Newton has looked more like Akili Smith than Donovan McNabb in his sophomore season.

San Diego Chargers (3-3) AT Cleveland Browns (1-6)

The Spread: San Diego by 2.5
The Pick: Cleveland
The Score: Cleveland, 24-23
The Rationale: Cleveland, despite their record, is a team on the rise. They’ve played most of their opponents this year competitively and San Diego is just the type of team that would lose on the road to a team that is less talented than they are.

Seattle Seahawks (4-3) AT Detroit Lions (2-4)

The Spread: Detroit by 2
The Pick: Detroit
The Score: Detroit, 23-17
The Rationale: Seattle on the road (1-3 this season) is almost a polar opposite from the way they play at home. The same can be said about Detroit, which is why they’re the smart pick to pull off a win at Ford Field.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) AT Green Bay Packers (4-3)

The Spread: Green Bay by 14.5
The Pick: Green Bay
The Score: Green Bay, 44-14
The Rationale: I know I have stated in the past that I don’t like picking teams that who favored by more than two touchdowns. But, there are certain exceptions. Green Bay playing at home against one of the worst teams in football is one of them. The Packers’ offense has been clicking the past few weeks and Jacksonville is without RB Maurice Jones-Drew. Blaine Gabbert is expected to play. But, is he really that much of an improvement over Chad Henne?

Indianapolis Colts (3-3) AT Tennessee Titans (3-4)

The Spread: Tennessee by 3.5
The Pick: Tennessee
The Score: Tennessee, 26-20
The Rationale: The Colts are 0-2 on the road this year and they’ve been gashed for 141.7 yards allowed per game on the ground. With Chris Johnson re-finding his mojo last week, it could be a long afternoon for Indianapolis’ defense.

New England Patriots (4-3) AT St. Louis Rams (3-4)

The Spread: New England by 7
The Pick: New England
The Score: New England, 28-14
The Rationale: This game is being played at Wembley Stadium in London. Talk about a brutal stretch for the Rams. They have to host Green Bay last week then travel halfway across the world for a matchup with Tom Brady and the defending AFC Champions. I can’t see the Rams having enough fuel left in the fire to extinguish the Pats.

Miami Dolphins (3-3) AT New York Jets (3-4)

The Spread: New York by 2.5
The Pick: Miami
The Score: Miami, 23-19
The Rationale: The Jets lead the all-time series, 49-44-1. But, the Dolphins have won 3 out of the last 4 meetings at MetLife/Giants Stadium. I like what I’m seeing from this young Dolphins team. I’ll take Tannehill over Sanchez.

Washington Redskins (3-4) AT Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

The Spread: Pittsburgh by 4.5
The Pick: Washington
The Score: Washington, 27-21
The Rationale: The Redskins have been an enigma all season long. Then again, so have the Steelers. I’d like to take Pittsburgh here to win the game. But, there’s just something about RGIII that makes me think that Heinz Field will be no match for his greatness.

Oakland Raiders (2-4) AT Kansas City Chiefs (1-5)

The Spread: Kansas City by 2
The Pick: Oakland
The Score: Oakland, 31-14
The Rationale: Easiest pick of the week. The Chiefs are preparing for the #1 pick by starting Brady Quinn for the foreseeable future. Brady Quinn? We haven’t already seen enough of this guy to realize that he’s not an NFL QB? Good luck, Romeo.

New York Giants (5-2) AT Dallas Cowboys (3-3)

The Spread: New York by 2
The Pick: New York
The Score: New York, 34-19
The Rationale: This is starting to look like a lock as well. The Giants are on fire, having won three straight games. They also usually play well in Dallas. Couple this with Dallas’ home woes and the injuries to their defense and I think the Giants will salvage a split of the season series with Big D.

New Orleans Saints (2-4) AT Denver Broncos (3-3)

The Spread: Denver by 6
The Pick: New Orleans
The Score: New Orleans, 38-31
The Rationale: Talk about an offensive showcase on Sunday night. The Saints are clicking just in time to salvage their season. Meanwhile, Denver has made it a routine to fall behind before coming back late. I don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with the Saints if they let it happen again.

San Francisco 49ers (5-2) AT Arizona Cardinals (4-3)

The Spread: San Francisco by 6.5
The Pick: Arizona
The Score: San Francisco, 23-17
The Rationale: Both of these teams are struggling. The Cardinals have lost three in a row after a 4-0 start. Meanwhile, the 49ers’ offense has managed just one touchdown in two games. I like San Francisco to win. But, not by a touchdown.


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