The Lucky Gambler

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized



Anyone who has ever bet on sports knows that it’s all a game of luck. This is even more true when a high stakes parlay is played. For those not familiar, a parlay is multiple bets made in alliance with each other. In other words, one can make multiple bets and, if they all come true, a larger profit will be the outcome. However, all of the bets need to succeed in order for the bettor to receive any payout. That is, after all, what makes it gambling.

Well, this weekend, a gambler on successfully won a 23-game parlay. His $100 bet, which was a lot to sacrifice in such a large parlay, earned him a staggering $25,772 payout. Talk about a heck of a fortune. Below are the games he bet and won:

Oregon -300 (beat Arizona State, 43-21)
Wisconsin -780 (beat Minnesota, 38-13)
Bowling Green -780 (beat Massachusetts, 24-0)
N. Illinois -660 (beat Akron, 37-7)
Rutgers -205 (beat Temple, 35-10)
LSU -165 (beat Texas A&M, 24-19)
Ohio St -940 (beat Purdue, 29-22 — overtime)
Vanderbilt -260 (beat Auburn, 17-13)
Notre Dame -500 (beat BYU, 17-14)
Alabama -1100 (beat Tennessee, 44-13)
Michigan -350 (beat Michigan State, 12-10 — winning FG with 5 seconds left)
Florida State -1300 (beat Miami, 33-20)
Louisville -245 (beat South Florida, 27-25)
Tulsa -1300 (beat Rice, 28-24)
Mississippi St -880 (beat Middle Tennessee, 45-3)
Kansas St +125 (beat West Virginia, 52-14)
Florida -175 (beat South Carolina, 44-11)
Central Florida -1300 (beat Memphis, 35-17)
Texas -340 (beat Baylor, 56-50)
Fresno State -675 (beat Wyoming, 42-14)
Oregon State -400 (beat Utah, 21-7)
49ers -380 (beat Seattle, 13-6)
Clemson -310 (beat Virginia Tech, 38-17)

I wish I had the luck of this lad. But, in the end, I don’t think I’d have the cojones to bet even $100 dollars on such slim odds. 


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