Week One Picks in Review

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dallas @ New York Giants (-3.5)

The Spread: New York Giants
The Score: New York Giants, 20-14
The Verdict: Dallas, 24-17. I underestimated Dallas’ running game and overestimated the Giants ability to defend their home turf moments after receiving their rings. 0-1.

Indianapolis @ Chicago (-9.5)

The Spread: Chicago Bears
The Score: Chicago Bears, 28-13
The Verdict: Chicago, 41-21. Got this one right. Jay Cutler did his finest to make me look like a fool early, starting the game 1-13. But, he rebounded and Andrew Luck’s first victory will have to wait at least one more week. 1-1.

Philadelphia (-8.5) @ Cleveland

The Spread: Philadelphia Eagles
The Score: Philadelphia Eagles, 34-14
The Verdict: Philadelphia, 17-16. Man, was this the ugliest game you have ever seen, or what? The Eagles’ offense will have to improve against Baltimore if they hope to avoid 66,000 boos at Lincoln Financial Field. 1-2.

Buffalo @ New York Jets (-3.5)

The Spread: Buffalo Bills
The Score: Buffalo Bills, 14-6
The Verdict: New York, 48-28. After a pre-season without an offensive touchdown from their starters, I believed that the Jets’ offense would be stymied by Buffalo. Boy, was I wrong. Granted, their defense and special teams aided in a couple of scores. But, Buffalo’s defense looked embarrassing. 1-3.

Washington @ New Orleans (-7.5)

The Spread: Washington Redskins
The Score: New Orleans Saints, 24-21
The Verdict: Washington, 40-32. Got this one right against the spread. I had a feeling that Washington would come out flying against a Saints team that had an abundance of distractions to deal with. But, I never expected they would put up 40 points. The Saints D’ will have to figure it out soon, or it will be “Danger, Will Robinson!” 2-3.

New England (-5.5) @ Tennessee

The Spread: New England Patriots
The Score: New England Patriots, 27-21
The Verdict: New England, 34-13. The Patriots are always a safe bet, even on the road to open the season. Tom Brady got 2012 off to a fine start. Really, the only disappointment for New England in week one was the obvious decline of Rob Gronkowski’s spiking skills. 3-3.

Gronk needs to spend more time spiking and less time soliciting porn stars.

Jacksonville @ Minnesota (-3.5)

The Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars
The Score: Minnesota Vikings, 21-20
The Verdict: Minnesota, 26-23 (OT). Adrian Peterson and Blair Walsh (55 yard field goal as time expired in regulation) proved to be the heroes for Minnesota after QB Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars had come back to take a 3-point lead with less than :30 to play. But, by that point, it didn’t matter. I won this pick thanks to the half-point on the spread. 4-3

Miami @ Houston (-12.5)

The Spread: Houston Texans
The Score: Houston Texans, 30-13
The Verdict: Houston, 30-10. Hey, hey, hey. What do you say? Just barely missed nailing this score prediction. Quick suggestion. If you’re in a suicide pool this season; make sure you pick whomever is playing Miami or Cleveland as much as you can. Trust me. 5-3.

St. Louis @ Detroit (-7)

The Pick: Detroit Lions
The Score: Detroit Lions, 29-14
The Verdict: Detroit, 27-23. This one comes in as a loss. Unfortunately, Matt Stafford thought it would be a fine way to off the season by throwing three interceptions to one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL last season. Lucky for the Lions, they came back and won. Unlucky for me, it was by just four points. 5-4.

Atlanta (-3) @ Kansas City

The Pick: Kansas City Chiefs
The Score: Kansas City Chiefs, 28-24
The Verdict: Atlanta, 40-24. Another suggestion. When you pick a team to win the Super Bowl, do not pick against them in week one. I had Matt Ryan and the Falcons going all the way this season. But, I thought that Kansas City would hold fort at home. Too bad. 5-5.

San Francisco @ Green Bay (-5)

The Pick: San Francisco 49ers
The Score: Green Bay Packers, 26-23
The Verdict: San Francisco, 30-22. There’s no way that anyone should have put money on Green Bay in this one. Yes, they were at home. But, San Francisco’s defense is the undisputed #1 unit in the NFL. The Giants had already provided a blueprint for beating Aaron Rodgers in last year’s divisional playoff. Watch out for San Francisco. 6-5

Carolina (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay

The Pick: Carolina Panthers
The Score: Carolina Panthers, 41-17
The Verdict: Tampa Bay, 16-10. “Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!” 6-6.

Seattle (-2.5) @ Arizona 

The Pick: Seattle Seahawks
The Score: Seattle Seahawks, 21-17
The Verdict: Arizona, 20-16. I’d like to argue that if John Skelton never got hurt, this pick could have come to fruition. But, like the Seahawks offense that got 4 time outs in the second half due to officiating error; I have no one to blame but myself. 6-7.

Pittsburgh @ Denver (-1.5)

The Pick: Denver Broncos
The Score: Denver Broncos, 26-21
The Verdict: Denver, 31-19. The Broncos are in for a special season if #18 can stay healthy. Peyton Manning looked like his old self as he picked apart Pittsburgh’s vaunted defense for much of the game. Meanwhile, the Steelers’ offensive line appears to have more holes than Ilya Bryzgalov between the pipes in a playoff game. 7-7.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore (-6)

The Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
The Score: Baltimore Ravens, 19-16
The Verdict: Ravens, 44-13. What does it take for a guy to jump off a bandwagon after one game? This result right here is the answer. The Ravens utterly dominated their division rival in every facet of the game. Cincinnati better figure out their offensive line or Andy Dalton could be the next ginger to lose his soul. 7-8.

Bengals’ RT Andre Smith looking fit as a fiddle.

San Diego (-1) @ Oakland

The Pick: San Diego Chargers
The Score: San Diego Chargers, 20-10
The Verdict: San Diego, 22-14. This game was not as close as the one possession difference indicated. The Raiders’ offense is looking like a one-man show, and RB Darren McFadden can only do so much. They have no wide receivers, no offensive line, and certainly no backup long snapper. 8-8.

So, there you have it. After one week of predictions, I am 8-8. Just like the Eagles last season, I’ll hope to improve on my mediocrity as the weeks go on. (Clears throat), time’s yours.


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