Why You Should Root For the Heat

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fascism, communism, Islamic fundamentalism, the Miami Heat…

These nouns all provoke similar ire in the hearts of most Americans. Ever since LeBron James stepped in front of the camera and took his talents to South Beach, the basketball world has revolved around one central focus: preventing the evil empire in Miami from reaching their desired goal.

But, the fact of the matter is that the Heat should not be vilified for their desire to win. Nor should LeBron James’ reputation be desecrated for his actions during “The Decision” on ESPN. When one really examines the situation, are the heat not a perfect personification of American values? For a nation that prides itself on being number one in every facet of being, despite the facts that contradict that argument; America sure is hypocritical towards James and the Heat.

After all, the Heat took the same exact path America has in establishing itself as the most physically intimidating nation on Earth. The Heat, like the United States, bought success rather than achieving it through poise and prowess. James, like any patriot, went on the air and publicly displayed his confidence in himself and his abilities. How is this any different than what American’s do every day when they wave the flag and big foam red #1 finger despite America ranking 39th overall in healthcare in the world according to the World Health Organization.

The signs point to Americans being subconsciously self-loathing. We admire our nation’s might and show our unbridled confidence in it. Yet, when our athletes show this similar bold trait in themselves, we treat them like they’re the ultimate villain. However, America is the ultimate bandwagon nation. If people are told to think something, they will believe it. When the talking heads proclaimed their disdain for James, America listened. Just as they did in 2003 when our nation invaded Iraq.

When did the Oklahoma City Thunder become the basketball version of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey team? This is a city that stole a championship caliber basketball team from the city of Seattle. This is a franchise that spent their last 11 years in Seattle without a trip to the NBA Finals. Now, just four years into their existence, Kevin Durant and the Thunder are three victories from a world championship. How is this more American than what LeBron and the Heat did? The owner of the Thunder betrayed his fans in Seattle. Instead of doing his best to do what was right, Clayton Bennett told Seattle that it was inferior to Oklahoma City. Four years later, they are a basketball mecca. Meanwhile, Seattle sits a deserted city, left behind by an organization who is supposed to be the most respected franchise in these finals.

Miami has savvy, confidence, and grit. They are, for now, America’s Team.


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